Building a Black Latino

 3rd World Alliance

Candidate's Statement

My Name is Channing Martinez, and I’m running for City Council District 10 in 2020.


If elected I would immediately introduce three ordinances to be voted on by the full council: 1) Cut the LAPD budget by 50%, 2) Implement Free Public Transportation starting with a 50% reduction in the fare Now, 3) Enforce Proposition HHH, and require 50% of all new units built be reserved for Low Income housing. In Addition I want to fight to expand Women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and the rights of the undocumented community.


The central issue in Los Angeles, the U.S., and around the world has been, and continues to be race. In LA Black people make up more than 50% of the homeless population, more than 50% of citations on public transit, and 50% of the prison population.


It’s time to stop voting for the same “Democratic party” politicians who give us the same old tired promises and get into office to raise our bus fares, hire more police, push out more Black people, help to privatize our schools and open the flood gates for ICE to deport our brothers and sisters who are on land thatrightfullybelongstotheIndigenousTongva,andwhichwasoncepartofMexico.IamaBlackQueer Organizer and I stand in solidarity with “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!” I am in full solidarity with African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders, Women, the Transgender community, the LGBQ+ community, and 3rdworldpeople.


As Fannie Lou Hamer once said, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. And in the same tradition of Congress of Racial Equality, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party of 1964 where Eric Mann was trained, it’s time to push out the agents of the racist systemandgetgrassrootsorganizerswithstrongtiestocommunityorganizationstohelpprovidepolitical leadership in the city council and in every government body. I am deeply influenced by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and the #Squad and see myself in the same radical progressive movement. Everyone wants to fight Trump, and I do to, but it’s also time to look inward to see the Democrats in our own city carrying out hispolicies.


I will fight for the real things we need in Los Angeles; No Police in Schools, cut the school police budget by 50% now, No Police on Public Transportation, Free Public Transportation Now. Low-Income housing Now. Not one more dollar for the racist LAPD. Not one more dollar for racist forever sales taxes, Amnesty for all immigrants now, Full rights for Transgender women and all LGBTQ+ folks now, Full Women’s Reproductive Rights Now!


I fully understand that this election and thus changing city’s policy on representing the Policing, Privatizing, and Polluting class, and not working class people will be an uphill battle and that’s why I need your help. I want to meet with your organization to learn more about your work and help build a Peoples' Platform.


If I’m elected to the city council, I will work with Mayor Garcetti and other elected officials. But I will feel free to disagree with them and not seek their favors or jobs or connections. I will be able to vote with


them when they do the right thing and against them and for the people when they do the wrong thing. My loyalties are and will remain with the people.


I have been working as an organizer for 19 years to change the system and to stop the oppressive ‘laws’ that politicians were once ok with.


I worked with The Strategy Center’s Fight for the Soul of the Cities to get military grade weapons— including a tank—taken out of LAUSD. The Bus Riders Union, of which I am a member of, won $2.5 Billion for Black and Latino passengers, fought to increase bus service and reduce bus fares. The Community Rights Campaign of which I am a member of stopped the racist ticketing of more than 10,000 Black and Brown LAUSD students who received $250 truancy tickets.



I’m a Black Queer, Garifuna civil rights and climate justice organizer working at the Labor/Community Strategy Center. The Strategy Center does not endorse candidates, but I endorse the great work of the organization, and other civil rights, climate justice, and social justice groups in Los Angeles.


I have spent my entire life in South Central LA. Like many Black people in LA I grew up in the eastern parts of South Central around Central Avenue and as the 90’s and early 2000’s progressed we slowly moved more and more west until we reached Crenshaw Blvd. I attended Audubon Middle School, and Crenshaw High School. I come from a single parent household where my mom was the breadwinner of the house with three children. And I’m an organizer fighting for revolutionary change, not a politician fighting for personal gain.


In High School I was recruited in to Coalition for Educational Justice by Alex Caputo-Pearl, the current president of the United Teachers Los Angeles who has worked closely with the Strategy Center. And I’ve stayed in the movement for the past 19 years because, like many organizers, I realized that there’s something wrong with a country that is built on the foundation of genocide. I joined the Bus Riders Union in 2007—The first time in 10 years the Metro raised bus fares while 400 people testified that they’d have extreme financial hardship with a fare raise (and now the fares have been raised by more than 100% of 2007 transit fares). I am a graduate of the Otis College of Art and Design. And after graduation I immediately went back to volunteer for the Strategy Center and now I’m as a Lead Organizer, head of Social Media, and Facility Manager of Strategy and Soul Movement Center as 3546 Martin Luther King Blvd, a gift to the entire city but yes located in the 10th district.


Help me get elected, I want to represent The Movement—the people fighting for the rights of the Black Community, immigrants, women's liberation, fighting for climate justice, for unions that fight for the people not for contracts to hurt the people. I will fight to end the school to prison pipeline and over- policing of Black Brown, and API folks. I will not support companies and unions that want to build prison and I will fight against prison guards’ unions and for prisoners’ unions.

I want to meet with your organization to learn more about your work and help build a Peoples' Platform.





Channing Martinez

The People's Platform

  • Cut the LAPD Budget by 50% 
  • Affirmative Action for Black Jobs Now
  • Free Public Transportation
  • Enforce HHH Now 50% of all new developments for Low Income Housing
  • Open Borders and Amnesty for All Immigrants 
  • Kick ICE out of LA
  • Full Rights for Women, Transgender, LGBQ+, Homeless, 3rd world people 
  • US out of Venezuela 

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