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Calling on Friends of Aris Anagnos to Support Channing Martinez for City Council Eric Mann

Aris Anagnos was a dear friend of mine. So is Channing Martinez who is running for City Council in the 10th District. As friends of Aris I ask you to support Channing and give a generous donation to his campaign today! Let me tell you about the wonderful connection between Aris and Channing.

For many years Aris was working on his autobiography—The Passionate Odyssey of Aris Anagnos— but it was never close to being published. Finally, in his 93rd year, I told him our Frontlines press would publish it. Still, it took a full year of editing, design, lay-out, and publishing to bring to light of day. Throughout that year I became even closer to Aris and through that process Channing and Aris built their relationship. On the day, almost a year later, the book finally came back from the printer Aris was declining with heart and respiratory challenges.  Aris, Francine Danieri, Channing and I had our book party in his living room to celebrate. The book was gorgeous and Aris was thrilled. He spent the next month sending the book to friends all over the world. How sad that a month later, at the larger celebration of the publication of his autobiography, Aris was unable to attend because of illness. But the “book party” that he did attend with only 3 other people was a moving experience for him.

The citation on Amazon tells the story The Passionate Odyssey of Aris Anagnos Paperback – March 25, 2017 by Aris Anagnos (Author), Eric Mann (Editor), Channing Martinez (Illustrator)  In the introduction I wrote,  “Channing Martinez, a fine graphic artist, put great energy and skill into the design and lay-out.”

So now, Channing the organizer, Channing the graphic artist, Channing the Black, Queer, Garifuna Revolutionary whose family is from Belize is running for City Council in the 10th District in Los Angeles. on a platform that I know would make Aris proud.Free Public Transportation—No Fares and No Fare Evasion TicketsCut the LAPD budget by 50%, 50% of all public and private sector jobs must go to Black applicants50% of all new units reserved for very low income housing Open Borders and Amnesty for all Immigrants Kick ICE out of LAFull reproductive rights for all WomenFull LGBTQ+ rightsStop Us Intervention in the internal affairs of Third World nations—US out of Venezuela, Iraq, and Afghanistan, stop U.S. attacks on Iran, Russia and China There is no other candidate running in the entire city on a platform for Black and Latino rights, climate justice, police reform, and international anti-imperialism, peace, and U.S. non-intervention. If you  care about those issues, if you appreciate all that Channing did to make  Aris’s last year so moving, if you appreciate all that we did to bring Aris’ vision to light for posterity please contribute to Channing’s campaign now.  Just the other night, at the Black Women’s Voter Forum, Channing Martinez challenged the audience, 

“I am calling for 50% of all new public and private sector jobs for Black applicants. But I do not want Black men and women going off to fight in U.S. wars of aggression against the people of Iran, Iraq, or anywhere else in the Third World.”  

Aris, who was such a great friend of the Salvadorian and Nicaraguan people would have strongly agreed. 

✔️ Yes, I am a friend of Aris. 

✔️ Yes, I thank Channing for spending so much to bring Aris’ vision to light.  ✔️ Yes, I do think Aris would be proud of Channing.  ✔️ Yes! Here is my contribution!

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Channing Martinez, Organizer Candidate, Los Angeles City Council District 10

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