• Channing Martinez

Channing Martinez is making history See this great 3 minute video on my demands

See The Video Big props to Melinda Alexander for producing this video series

  • Free Public Transportation—No Fares and No Fare Evasion Tickets

  • Cut the LAPD budget by 50%, 

  • 50% of all public and private sector jobs must go to Black applicants

  • 50% of all new units reserved for very low income housing 

  • Open Borders and Amnesty for all Immigrants

  •  Kick ICE out of LA

  • Full reproductive rights for all Women

  • Full LGBTQ+ rights

  • Stop Us Intervention in the internal affairs of Third World nations—US out of Venezuela, Iraq, and Afghanistan, stop U.S. attacks on Iran, Russia and China

I will be releasing more detailed videos on each demand over the next weeks.  Please share the link far and wide on all platforms, voting by mail begins as early as February 3rd!

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Channing Martinez, Organizer Candidate, Los Angeles City Council District 10

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