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Channing Martinez: Stop U.S. Subversion Against Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, and all over the world

Today, Bolivian President Evo Morales, a radical, Indigenous president was forced out of office by a military coup—and we know the U.S. government is involved. Today in Venezuela, a democratically elected president, Nicolas Maduro, is fighting to govern his country as the Trump administration with the support of many Democrats gives $40 million in direct aid to Juan Guaidó, a fascist who is trying to overthrow the government. The U.S. has believed it owned Latin America since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 asserted that it had the exclusive rights to colonize the Americas. 

This week, in Brazil, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was release from prison after 19 months but faces new laws that may re-imprison him as fascist president Bolisaro works with arsonists to burn down Brazil’s rainforests and decimate Indigenous cultures. 

Like you, I want to fight this terrifying neo-colonialism of the U.S.  government. I am running for City Council in the 10th district in Los Angeles as anti-racist, anti-war, climate justice organizer. I applaud the statements of Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio Cortez today in condemning the military coup in Bolivia.

I am running in one of the last majority Black districts in Los Angeles to build a strong Black/Latino Alliance and from there a multi-racial movement of all people. I am calling for a 50% reduction in the Los Angeles Police Department, Affirmative Action for Black People in which 50% of all new jobs in the public and private sectors go to Black applicants, and U.S. Hands of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, and nations all over the world.

Please contribute to my campaign, volunteer to help me get the necessary signatures so I can get on the March 3 ballot, and volunteer for our office and canvassing work.

Please contribute and thanks so much.

Channing Martinez

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