• Channing Martinez

Grand Opening of Channing Martinez for City Council Campaign Office

November 23, 6:00 PM 3415 W 43rd Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90008, USA

Please come to support Channing a civil rights/climate justice organizer willing to fight the system

Channing is a graduate of Audubon Middle School, Crenshaw High School, Otis School of Art and Design the Labor/Community Strategy Center's National School for Strategic Organizing and Bus Riders Union Planning Committee

  • We urgently need funds—contributions from whatever you can afford up to $800 acceptedWe urgently need petition gatherers between now and December 1

  • We need 500 valid registered voters in the 10th District

Help us fight for

  • 50% reduction in LAPD Budget

  • 50% of all new public and private jobs to Black applicants

  • Free Public Transportation/No Cars in L.A./Stop MTA Attacks on Black Passengers

  • Free, safe, and public abortions for all women

  • Support for LGBTQ Rights

  • Open Borders and Amnesty for Immigrants

  • U.S. Hands off Bolivia, Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, China and the world

Help us build this movement Help us build this campaign


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