• Channing Martinez

I'm Running Against the Establishment and I Need Your Help

My name is Channing Martinez and I’m running for City Council District 10.  The California primary and our election will be March 3, 2020. I’m excited to announce that I officially filed my Declaration of Intention to run for Political Office today in the LA City Clerk’s Election Division. I’m running a radical campaign against the establishment and I need your help. 

  • If you live in LA, I need your help to gather one thousand signatures to get on to the ballot. Please contact me if you can do door to door signature gathering on Saturdays and Sundays or any time during the week as well.

  • I need your financial support. One of my opponents have already raised more than $500,000; We can run a successful grassroots campaign with $100,000. Help me fight the power structure with your generous contribution. Anyone in the country can give up to $800. Donate Now

I’m running as a Black Queer Garifuna Revolutionary. This campaign is an experiment in working to defend these different class identities within a larger revolutionary movement strategy. I am already beginning to work with several Garifuna organizations and  plan to reach out to LGBTQ+ organizations. I am a lead organizer for the Labor Community Strategy Center where I’ve been fighting for the Social Welfare State Not the Police State, the Climate Justice State not the Warfare State. As an independent I’m running on a Peoples Platform beginning with Building a Black, Latino, 3rd World Alliance. My opening demands include:

Affirmative Action for Black Jobs Now—50% of all new public and private sector jobs to Black applicants Cut the LAPD Budget by 50% Free Public Transportation by the MTA Enforce 50% of all new developments for low income housing  Open Borders and Amnesty for All Immigrants—Kick ICE out of LA Full Abortion Rights for Women, Protect LGBTQ+ People U.S. out of Venezuela Here are three reasons to support my campaign. 

  • This is a tactic to build an anti-racist, anti-colonial, climate justice united front in one of the last majority Black districts in Los Angeles and a broad multi-racial movement rooted in a Black/Latino alliance.

  • We are working to challenge the Democratic Party “progressives” “privatizing, policing, polluting” urban plan.  

  • We see this campaign as a movement-building insurgency to work with movement groups in the city, the state, and the country to lift up demands and campaigns that challenge the system itself.

Together we have a great opportunity to make a significant insurgency in a racist system. I have had a great time learning new lessons and skills about election law and have managed my own campaign to become a candidate. I want to thank Bianca Perez and Melinda Alexander for organizing my first house party—what a great group they brought together. Can you organize a house party for the campaign. Please contact me— it’s a great community building process. 

I have the will to fight the system but I need your help and participation. Please consider giving a generous Contribution to this campaign. Anyone in the country can contribute up to $800. If you live in LA I need your help to gather 1000 signatures in the 10th district by December 4th, 2019.

Hoping to hear from you,

Channing Martinez

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