• Channing Martinez

Vote for a Civil Rights & Climate Justice Organizer

I am fighting for the Black community I will fight to reduce the budgets of the LAPD by 50% now! and cut 5,000 of the 10,000 police. More than 350,000 Black people have been pushed out of L.A. through police brutality and occupation, mass discrimination in hiring, low-wage jobs and mass unemployment.

I will demand Affirmative Action for Black Employment—demanding 50% of all new jobs in public and private employment go to Black applicants. Black people are more than 50% of the homeless, 50% of those getting tickets on MTA trains. Black population in L.A. has been cut by more than 50% Now we need 50% of all new jobs to go to Black people to rebuild the Black community. I expect people of good will of all races to support this demand.

I am fighting for free public transportation now. Black, Latino, and working class people cannot afford the $100 monthly MTA bus/rail pass. When the pass was $75 the Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union demanded it be reduced to $50 and then to zero. Instead, Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas and Mayor Garcetti voted to raise the fare from $75 to $100 a month. We need free public transportation now and the MTA can afford it. Stop ticketing people for “fare evasion” people just can’t afford to pay!!!

I am fighting for No Cars in L.A. The massive heat waves in L.A. are getting worse, but they do not compare to the brutal heat, drought, and flooding in Sub Saharan Africa and the Amazon caused by U.S. and world auto emissions. We can begin with auto free days, auto free rush hours, and entire areas of the city closed to auto use. I will work with your high school, church, community to organizer our first auto free days and week-ends and the City of L.A. do the same.

I am fighting for The Movement I will meet with every movement group, social service agency, and community organization to develop a People’s Platform to fight the rights of Black, Latino and Korean communities. I will fight for civil rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, and the rights of LGBTQ+, disabled, seniors, and all oppressed and exploited members of our community.

Who I am “I grew up in South L.A., went to Audubon middle school and Crenshaw High. I graduated from the Otis College of Art and Design. My mom is a single parent who held down many difficult jobs and did a great job of raising our family. I am a lead organizer at the Labor/Community Strategy Center, a center for civil rights and climate justice and manager of the Strategy and Soul Movement Center on MLK near Crenshaw—and yes, in the 10th City Council District. I was an NGO delegated to the United Nations Framework Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015 where the Strategy Center demanded that the U.S. cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% of 1990 levels by 2025. I am still fighting to make that happen.”

I need your help now! I want to take on the political establishment and their privatizing, polluting, policing gentrifying catastrophe. I need your support for that fight.

The primary is March 3, 2020.

If there is a run-off the election will be held November 4, 2020

Starting in November I will need 2500 people to sign petitions to get me on the ballot

Contact Channing Martinez to Take Action Today

(310) 760-1159

Paid for by Channing Martinez for City Council 2020 4269 3/4 Garthwaite Ave. Los Angeles CA 90008

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