Goodbye assigned voting place

Hello Voting Centers

Each voting center will open for 11 days; February 22nd-March 3rd. You'll no longer be restricted to voting at a singular polling place, you can vote at any voting center in the county. That means you can even vote at a center closest to your job, doctors appointment, of school, and you'll have 11 days to get to the voting centers. 

Please take a moment to find the voting center near you:

Find A Voting Center


The New system;  InkaVote

You'll now use a touch screen ballot marking devices in order to vote. When you're at a station, you'll be able to mark all of you decisions on the screen. The machine will then print out your final ballot for your verification. (in this new system, you can correct your mistakes)

You'll then hand deliver you paper ballot to a ballot box. 

Since the majority of the process is via  electronic device, you'll be able to adjust your machine to just your preferences; i.e. font size, color, etc. 

Voting by Mail? 

If you're voting by mail in this election, you'll follow the same process in this election as in previous elections. Your ballot could arrive as early as February 3rd, 2020. You may mail your ballot in to the County Registrar's office, or you can drop off your ballot to any voting center.